The Sylvania Moose Family Center was granted our Charter on January 25, 1976 with just over 100 members.  We have since grown to over 3,200 members. Our beautiful lodge is located at 6072 N. Main St., Sylvania, Ohio, at the Michigan border.

As a fraternal and service organization our members have a long history of involvement in community service. Our members regularly volunteer hundred’s of hours a month to northwest Ohio charities and our Lodge donates at approximately $40,000 each year to our community! This does not include contributions by our Women of the Moose Chapter, another very active community-minded part of Sylvania’s Moose Family. 

Our members pitch in and volunteer to do anything and everything, which is the reason the Sylvania Moose Lodge is so successful!    We offer many fun and affordable activities during the year for our members including dinners, numerous special functions, and many sports.

To learn more about becoming a moose member, just click on the Join Us link! 

Congratulations to Dick Schuller for being selected as 'MOOSE OF THE YEAR 2019-2020!'   Many thanks to Dick for doing so much around our lodge!  

LOOM  Moose of the Month:    February - RON ZOMKOWSKI!          March - JEREMY HOPKINS!

WOTM  Moose of the Month February - SANDY GUERRERO!        March - MARSHA WARRINGTON!

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